Lisa Hepner’s favourite expression is she’s not passive-aggressive, just aggressive. That being said, she’s a kick-ass boss who doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s a director, producer and writer of the film, The Human Trial, that I’m producing. She and her cinematographer husband Guy Mossman have been making this feature doc for a decade and, even if Lisa describes it as pushing a boulder up a hill, we’re making some noise. I also like the fact she got a tattoo on her wrist when she was 46. It’s “She persisted,” which is kind of perfect for her. We want to get a tattoo in Vancouver before we go back to LA. Any suggestions?

-Written by CassidyJo Fortin, Associate Producer, Vox Pop Films/The Human Trial

University of Toronto alum Lisa Hepner holding a Varsity paper from 1993 featuring an article that she wrote about the discovery of insulin just one year after being diagnosed with Type 1
Lisa Hepner
Lisa Hepner checking her sugars while son Jack lays in bed
Lisa Hepner at the Canadian premiere of The Human Trial at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in Toronto on October 24th. Photo by: Tom Sandler
Lisa and her son Jack on Christmas morning
Lisa Hepner and her husband Guy and son Jack dressed as the 3 Harry’s for Halloween – Harry Styles, Harry Potter, and Prince Harry
Hepner with associate producer CassidyJo Fortin at the New York premiere of The Human Trial
Lisa Hepner
Filmmakers Lisa Hepner and Guy Mossman filming the March for Science during a blizzard in Minnesota
Lisa Hepner
Filmmakers Guy Mossman and Lisa Hepner at the Los Angeles premiere of The Human Trial


Which ’hood are you in?

Mt. Washington, Los Angeles.

What do you do?

I’m a doc filmmaker. My favourite part of the process is writing. I love being in the edit room!

What are you currently working on?

Releasing our odyssey film, The Human Trial, to the global audience who’s been waiting 10 years to see their story on the big screen.

Where can we find your work?

Check out IMDB. And you can read more about the film here.

“The Human Trial” can be watched on demand on Apple TV, Prime Video and Google Play.



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